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& FAQs

Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions about BeC.

BeC introduces for the first time the concept of priority in your e-mail box. It is in fact the only service in the world able to classify and notify emails based on their level of importance.

With BeC you can overcome the limits of the current filters, no longer having to configure them based on static parameters like sender, subject, attachment, etc. BeC will analyze the text and other elements of each new email for you and it will indicate you the degree of urgency of a specific email to be read.

In addition to this, BeC also allows you to choose which priority levels you want to be notified. In this way you will avoid receiving notifications for unimportant emails and you will have the mailbox organized in a totally automatic way.

At work, BeC can help you by automatically organizing your emails based on the priority they require. In this way you will be able to be more effective in managing those emails that really require your attention as soon as possible.

Furthermore, BeC is able to send you a notification on your devices only for emails that you consider important, so as to avoid receiving notifications for every single company email. There will be no need to waste time configuring and updating filters, as BeC adapts to the context of use and evolves with you.

We all receive a large number of emails every day, most of them unimportant. Thanks to BeC, you can set different priority levels to be notified only for the really important ones.

Also, finding useful emails will be much easier. In fact, BeC is able to highlight important emails over those that are not. In your personal inbox, you will easily be able to distinguish and find emails such as utility bills, notifications of inbound shipments and expiration notices, in the midst of all the advertising and newsletter emails you receive.

Through the smartphone app, BeC will notify you only for emails with the degree of importance you decide. And if a particular newsletter is really important to you, BeC will learn it and notify you every time you receive it.

BeC is very simple to use; Being a service, there will be no need to change the software which you usually use for read your emails.

The configuration of BeC on an email inbox requires few moments: you have to choose the number of priorities you want and the scope of use of the email, then access the email box as you normally would.

Indeed, there is no other parameter to be configured. BeC will independently detect your email provider and configure everything itself. Within a few minutes, BeC will start working for you and you will find the priorities folders created in your mailbox.

Being BeC an artificial intelligence, you can update the number of labels or the parameters of the labels whenever you want.

Just go to your BeC management page (or mobile app) and you can add or reduce the number of priorities you want. BeC will update your mailbox according to the new parameters.

If you have more than one device, you can manage notifications in a totally independent way for each device.

If, for example, you have a corporate email and two smartphones, one corporate and one private, you can choose to receive notifications only for the highest priority emails in the personal one, and medium and high priority notifications on the corporate one.

Since BeC is a service, there is no limit to the number of devices you can connect to the same email.

BeC allows you to choose which priorities are relevant to you, so that you are notified only for that.

For example, on a scale of 5 priorities, you can choose to be notified only for the first and second. So, in case you receive emails with a lower degree of urgency (spam messages or promotions, for example), you will not be distracted for these.

Another advantage of BeC is cumulative notifications. If you receive multiple important emails in a very small period, BeC alerts you only once telling you that you have important emails to read.

BeC is the acronym for Beyond Email classification. The project was born from the need to overcome the current limits of email management tools that only allow a manual organization with static filters.

In addition, BeC responds to the need to be notified only when there is a real necessity. Indeed, the traditional on/off management for receiving notifications is simplistic and very limiting.

BeC is always in constant evolution; At the moment 21 languages ​​are supported: Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German.

With each subscription, one language of your choice is included. Additional languages can be added and purchased individually.

For us, security and privacy come first.

In fact, BeC is specially designed to work in a sensitive area such as email. No data is saved: BeC learns only from the distinctive elements of each email.

BeC works with all the main email providers: Gmail, Hotmail, Libero… Furthermore, you will not have to change the software you already use, since BeC is a service that operates on your current provider.

Once you have selected your plan you will have 30 days free. Within the 30-day deadline, you can decide whether to keep or cancel your subscription, without penalty or charge.

Of course! BeC does not hook to any device for reading emails. Being an online service, you can see your emails organized by BeC in the same way that you can now access your email box.

To check how many emails are included on your plan, access the "subscription" section in your app or through the website. Here you can see how many emails you have configured to your account and how many you can still add.

From each device you can set the priority level of the emails for which you want to be notified. Alternatively, you can access BeC from the web page of your computer and set notifications on all the devices on which you have installed the app.

It's very simple! You just have to manually change the incorrect label (or the folder in which the email has been created) and let the algorithm learn from you. Within a few minutes, the change will be integrated into the system.

If you want to change the labels that BeC is currently using, you have to go to "email boxes" from the web or through the mobile app and change the settings for each email.

Attention! If you try to edit the labels manually directly from the mailbox, BeC will create them again.

At the moment it is not possible to change the name of labels or folders that BeC creates. You can only change the number of your priority labels.

Of course! To upgrade your account, just go to "subscription" and click on "change". From here you can change the languages that BeC detects or modify the selected plan.

Attention! If you want to select a plan that includes fewer emails than you currently have connected, you will first need to disconnect the emails you no longer want BeC to work on.

Yes, it is possible. Just go to the "information" section of your profile page. You will receive an email and you will have to login again.

Alternatively, you can click on "I forgot my password" on the login page.

By changing the password of your BeC account, the service will remain however up and running.

BeC will no longer be able to work, you will be informed by email and push notification. It will be sufficient to reset access in the appropriate section of the site to make sure that everything starts working again.

No, the password of your inbox must be changed through your provider.

If you have decided to close your account with us, simply go to the “subscription” section and click on “unsubscribe”. BeC will remain functional until the end of the period that has been paid.

Nothing! The labels or folders already created by BeC will remain in your inbox. New labels or folders will no longer be created. If you want to delete already made labels or folders, you will need to do it manually.

BeC is an artificial intelligence; Learn constantly from the emails you receive and never stop evolving. In any case, already with the first information provided during the registration phase, BeC will be able to operate with an accuracy of 70-85%.

Depending on the number of emails you receive every day, BeC will take a more or less long period to fully regime. Usually, the time spent varies from 5 days to 2 weeks.

BeC has been designed to automatically detect your email provider, saving you the hassle of setting parameters such as host, port, TLS and others typical of email management programs.

However, some email providers may require your consent or the generation of a dedicated password (commonly called "app password") in order to operate with external services. To help you in these steps, the BeC Team has created a small guide (LINK) that reports, for each email provider supported by BeC that requires preventive actions, the steps you need to take.

If you have any doubts or problems, the BeC Team is always available to help you, do not hesitate to contact them!